Does Your Business Understand the Importance of Internet Safety and Security?

Internet Security

As small and large businesses depend on the Internet for day-to-day operations, the daily activities online may range from paying bills to shopping to communicating with colleagues and customers. Therefore, sensitive information such as customer data, financial records, and company property may be threatened as a direct result of misuse or misunderstanding on Internet safety … [Click here to read the complete post…]

Web Design and You

Working on Web Design Elements

When constructing a building, architects have to keep in mind the needs of the hosts who the building is for. The needs for a private residence and the needs for a commercial building are different, and architects will plan accordingly. Not dissimilar to architectural design, web design functions on a similar premise. What is Web … [Click here to read the complete post…]

ADA Compliance – Why your school needs an ADA compliant website

ADA compliant

In this modern era where the majority of the population, including students, frequently use the online web, it’s crucial for all users to have fair access to educational websites – ones that are fully accessible to them, whether they are able-bodied or not. This is not just an ethical issue, as public schools are legally … [Click here to read the complete post…]