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Niki Jones

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary industry expert with over seventeen years experience masterminding marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns. The success of her clients, as well as her own, is a testament to her exceptional work ethic and progressive attitude.

David Stone

Chief Operations Officer

With his methodical approach to each project, Dave has refined his skills having worked as a financial advisor and strategic marketing manager. His expertise allows us to execute the wildest of ideas successfully and within budget.

Eric Nelson

Creative Director

Are you looking to create a memorable marketing campaign, initiate a striking product launch or bring across the spirit of your business distilled into the ideal corporate identity package? Eric lends the experience in order to translate concepts into graphics with a life of their own.

Amy Rosenthal

Publications Director

Amy uses her attention to detail and strict organizational skills, to transform large quantities of content into beautifully laid out publications.

Louis Kohman

Information Technology Director

Louis is responsible for the agency's technological infrastructure which involves systems administration, network security, and information policy management. He also specializes in server deployment, cyber security, web development and SEO.

Barbara Muller

Digital Marketing Manager

Barbara specializes in social media, public relations, and client relations. Having a diverse background in digital marketing and media, Barbara is able to create fascinating content across all social media platforms, and develop and manage digital marketing campaigns.

Ashley Thompson

Public Relations Specialist

Ashley contributes much more than her boundless persistence and positivity to our agency. Acting as a liaison between our clients and staff, she is focused on establishing and maintaining professional, cooperative relationships.

Harley Hallman

Graphic Designer

With a flair all her own, Harley adds a spark of creativity in everything she designs. From flyers and brochures to annual reports, each assignment is given a unique approach and her trademark dedication to detail.

Alyssa Tooley

Junior Graphic Designer

Shannon Stevenson

Agency Coordinator

Shannon has a unique skill set that combines both creativity and organization. She has a divers background ranging from customer service and account management, to social media marketing. This helps Shannon provide a distinctive perspective to our clients and agency.

Nancy Johnston

Client Relations Specialist

Nancy’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her relentless positive energy helps to inspire our dynamic environment and assists clients to explore all aspects of their project. Whatever the challenge, Nancy remains solution driven, ensuring clients receive expert product knowledge and financial guidance.

Lauren Cernek

Client Relations Specialist

Lauren possesses years of experience working with numerous family-owned businesses, as well as other organizations including a Domestic Violence agency. Lauren brings a positive, unique approach to client relations owing to her diverse experience.

Larry Force

Web Developer

Larry Force is a former Computer Science TA from Wells College who always looks for new ways to accomplish tasks in order to keep him ahead in the industry. For Larry, thinking outside the box is a must, and if a client has an idea, he has a plan to turn it into reality.

James Decker

SEO Content Specialist

James is in charge of making quality content that won’t just impress your audience, but search engines as well. Along with his knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, and ADA, James will help to get your website to the front page of Google, Bing, and any other search engines that are out there.

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