Restrategize with Key Performance Indicators

July usually marks the moment when businesses review their progress towards annual goals, but 2020 turned many strategic plans upside down. At Niki Jones Agency, we’re hard at work revising our goals and day-to-day operation standards. We’re also helping our clients adapt their business strategies to today’s economy. (Watch our CEO present our Small Business … [Click here to read the complete post…]

ADA Compliance for Website Owners

ADA compliance is changing the way Americans browse the Internet. While there have long been calls to make the web accessible to the differently abled, in recent years, Department of Justice requirements coupled with a surge in lawsuits have made compliance a necessity for websites and their owners. It’s a simple concept: online resources should … [Click here to read the complete post…]

An Effective Plan of Action for Crisis Management is Crucial for Your Company & Brand

Raining on man with umbrella

Perhaps your business generates sudden negative press publicity that may threaten the integrity of overall business operations. Therefore you may have a crisis on your hands. With the rise of social media and digital interaction there is essentially nowhere for brands to hide when it comes to a crisis. It is critical to engage proactively … [Click here to read the complete post…]