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ADA Compliance

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The online web has been established as a “place of public accommodation”, to which fair access must be provided to all who visit. Website Accessibility for those with disabilities is a civil right that the Department of Justice is now aggressively defending, in addition to Accessibility Advocates and a growing number of plaintiff law firms. Following the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) is the de facto guide for providing web accessibility for the visually impaired and other disabled visitors. Whether you're reacting to a legal threat or action, understand the need to make your website accessible to all your visitors, or see the value in getting ahead of these guidelines by making your website conform to the WCAG, we can assist you and your organization.

Avoid legal liabilities & provide
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Strategic Consulting

We will meet with your executive team to evaluate the current compliance state and determine what steps will be necessary to obtain compliance.

Whether you represent a government agency, public or private school, healthcare facility, or business, ADA Compliance is a must going forward and we would love to work with you to get you there.

We will meet with you to discuss the current state of your website and outline what will have to be done to obtain ADA Compliance. While some changes can be done without major change, others may require altering the look of the website.

After we have achieved ADA Compliance for your website, we will meet with your staff responsible for updating the site's content and teach them how to make ADA Compliant posts and pages to remain compliant going forward.

Maximizing Accessibility

We build out websites to satisfy both Section 508 Compliance and WCAG AAA Compliance, providing the best experience for your visitors.

There are multiple factors (hundreds, actually) that need to be addressed in order to achive compliance. This ranges from visual to pratical issues a visitor may face on your website.

To list a few examples, photos would need to have text descriptions and your website overall would need to have text that is easily legible, with enough contrast to make text easy to read for your sight-impaired visitors.

Videos on your website (in addition to your social marketing strategies) should include audio descriptions and transcripts for individuals who are hard of hearing.

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Website Auditing

We will perform an in-depth audit on your current website to determine all ADA Compliance errors and potential issues.

Our auditing process involves our employees checking every single page of your website and reporting on each one's ADA issues.

Our in-depth report will include all known errors and potential issues that would result in the website not passing ADA Compliance.

Once all ADA errors and issues are resolved, we will perform another report detailing how the website has achieved compliance.

ADA Compliant Web Development

We will make all necessary modifications to your website's code, with your approval, to reach the highest standard of ADA Compliance.

The majority of errors we find are due to the way the original site was built out, including both the design itself and the modules/plugins that make the site function.

With ADA Compliance evolving more every year with new rules to follow, it's crucial to build out a website with the highest level of compliance to begin with and regularly update the website once new rules are announced.

We have experience working with government agencies, healthcare agencies, school districts, and businesses to help them better serve their visitors and users by offering a true ADA Compliant solution to their website. Contact Us today if you'd like to learn more about our ADA Compliance Services for existing or new websites.

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