Damage Quotient

    Measures the state of the business, how well the organization is positioned given the changes brought on by the pandemic. Note: Points are displayed at the end of check up.

    1. Which statement best characterizes how your business has adapted to the business climate brought on by the pandemic?
    Overall, we have been negatively impactedWe have adapted and pivoted to some extent but are still strugglingWe have successfully pivoted, or we are already well positioned for the future

    2. Which statement characterizes your relationship with your employees?
    We are in fire drill mode – interactions focus on layoffs, furloughs or other elements of keeping the business afloatGiven the nature of our business, we are relatively unaffected. Either we have never had employees or deal with employees as we always haveWe are coping and feel that we have a good channel of communication open with employees

    3. How would you characterize the level of stress you have been experiencing the last few months?
    We are in survival mode, so our stress levels have been highWe are under more stress than normal, but are coping well all things consideredOur stress levels have not risen significantly in recent months

    4. How are you coping with the essentials of running a business?
    We do not have the cash on to meet essential obligationsWe are struggling, but are managingWe have sufficient revenues and resources to meet expenses and revenue targets

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    Repair Quotient

    Measures how well your marketing, sales and client experience infrastructure are positioned to help you recover and thrive during tough times

    1. What kind of changes to your marketing and client experience infrastructure have you already been able to make since March 2020?
    Not much; we are waiting for things to get back or close to 'normal'We’ve migrated aspects of our marketing/sales/client communications and delivery onlineWe have embraced the move to the virtual world in all aspects of sales, marketing and client experience

    2. Do you have the right resources in place as we continue in a mostly virtual world?
    No, we need to either replace some employees or hire outside resourcesWe have made some changes to staffing and supplier relationshipsWe have the right full-time team in place for these times, including marketing and technology partners

    3. Which best characterizes your Marketing Plan?
    We have not been able to invest in marketing recentlyWe have tried some new marketing tactics, but do not have a cohesive program in placeWe have a strong marketing effort in place to build our brand and lead base; we are leveraging a variety of digital channels

    4. Which best characterizes your lead flow for new business?
    It's been pretty 'dead' since March 2020We have a trickle of leads, but things are slower than beforeWe continue to obtain and nurture leads, much as before March 2020

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