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Every Audience is Different

We use data to deliver your message to the right people.


Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is where our creative flair meets our passion for data. By pairing analysis with a deep understanding of how marketing channels compliment each other, Niki Jones Agency builds campaigns and marketing solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and their customers. Our data-driven process results in messaging and visuals that catch the eye and capture the imagination across the spectrum of integrated media.

Since each client and every audience is different, we develop a holistic strategy that accounts for not only demographics and messaging but market conditions, competition, and touch points, as well. Our team works alongside yours through every stage of our process, even maintaining and adjusting campaigns and collecting data after we launch the marketing initiative.

Steps to Strategic Marketing

Following the steps of our strategic marketing process focuses resources, maximizes return on investment, and ensures a cohesive look and feel to all assets.


Knowing which demographics and geographic areas you’d like to reach, as well as what results you expect on certain platforms, gives direction to your marketing and allows you to measure its success later on.

If your goal is to appeal to women ages 35-49 living within 50 miles of your business, the performance of your campaigns can easily be evaluated by assessing the reach and click-through-rate of your ads among women in that age range living in that area. Establishing goals also helps determine which media and content should be used. A successful marketing strategy with a goal of increasing an organization’s social media following among the above demographic utilizes the platforms and imagery most appealing to that audience.


A comprehensive approach to marketing means analyzing the market as a whole: the demographics, the competition, even developments within the trade area itself. A thorough understanding of these factors presents a path to accomplishing your goals.

We work with your team to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that must be considered when formulating a solid marketing strategy, then propose ways to turn market conditions to your advantage.



With goals established and research conducted, creative problem solving can begin. We’ll present a comprehensive marketing strategy based on our findings, detailing the topics and tactics we determine will best engage your audience and achieve your goals.

Within the marketing plan, integrated campaigns are thoroughly outlined, detailing which channels will be used, how they will integrate, and at which touch points your audience will encounter your brand message. This plan and its list of deliverables guide your marketing endeavors for the duration of the project, ensuring consistent presentation of your brand.

& Control

We’re an imaginative team that knows how to bring its ideas to life. Once a marketing plan is approved, we design, write, and produce all assets, then take them live across an array of digital media.

Our job doesn’t end when a campaign goes live, however. While it’s running, we monitor ads, eblasts, social media, website traffic, and more to track performance. When needed, we make informed adjustments in targeting and messaging in order to optimize results.

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