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Social Media Marketing

Did you know that approximately 79% of Americans use social media daily? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most important hubs for information-sharing. Unsurprisingly, companies spend billions of dollars per year on digital advertising and brand engagement, or a company’s interactions with customers through posts and comments. Social media marketing is therefore vital to an integrated marketing campaign.

Like any marketing effort, social media marketing should increase your company’s visibility to generate sales and other measurable outcomes. This can be achieved, in part, with strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on various channels. However, social media is also an invaluable tool in the construction of brand identity. When more than half of consumers expect companies to be transparent about their values, products, and services on social media, well-crafted posts are equally essential. Stories, posts, and comments (referred to as organic content) provide frequent opportunities for companies to demonstrate their values and establish customer rapport.

Here are the basics

of our two-pronged approach, to social media marketing,
which includes paid advertising on social media channels and strategically curated organic content.

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Paid Advertising on Social Media Channels

Like digital advertising through Google Ads, advertising on social media channels requires a balance of strategy, content, and design.

All of our social media marketing campaigns begin with a strategy session to determine your target audience (including geographic and demographic targeting), their social media habits and viewing devices. Not every channel serves every business, so finding the right platform for your business is important to your campaign’s success.

During the strategy session, we also determine what keywords best unite your campaign message, your target audience, and your budget. To maximize your return on investment, we tailor your keywords to your social media campaign. These keywords dovetail with your overall marketing campaign to create a coherent message across media, using the best practices for each platform.

Our design team then matches your keywords and content with striking graphics that fit each channel’s requirements. Size, content length, and content medium all vary from channel to channel and are distinct from other Pay-Per-Click services. In addition to standard PPC ads, our team produces ephemeral content, or time-sensitive content designed for stories. Ephemeral advertising continues to grow in popularity, with more the 64% of companies integrating stories into their marketing strategy. This content may include videos, livestreams, animation, or other graphics that our team creates in accordance with your budget.

Organic Content
on Social
Media Channels

In addition to paid advertisements, our social media content specialists produce high-quality organic content to drive brand engagement. They assess your target audience and craft thoughtful messages to highlight your brand.

By carefully selecting the images, videos, and/or text for each post, we give your company a vibrant online presence and distinguish you from your competition. Your social media pages will reflect your values and create opportunities to connect with customers, old and new.

Successful brand engagement requires strong communication between our team and yours. Our content developers work closely with your staff to select updates regarding news and awards, special offers, and upcoming events. Then we tailor the content to meet the character requirements of your chosen channel(s). When necessary, we attach compelling images or videos from your personal archives or from approved stock sources.

Finally, our content developers work on a strict timeline to optimize your posts for customer engagement. We produce all content in advance for client approved. Once approved, our specialists determine the right moment to deliver your content based on the platform(s) chosen, the length of the post, and the urgency of its content (for example, if it promotes an upcoming event). With this information, we produce a schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly posts depending on your needs.


Like other forms of digital advertising, successful social media marketing is data-driven.

When your clients interact with your content, both paid and organic, web analytic tools log various types of information about those interactions. Examples of the data these tools provide include how many times users like or share a post, the average cost-per-click, and if content drove traffic to a designated landing page. We gather this data and consolidate it into monthly, weekly, or daily analytic reports, depending on your needs. With the results, we evaluate the success of your campaign and make adjustments in real-time.

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