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Did you know that approximately 70% of Americans use social media daily? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now among the most important hubs for information-sharing, including marketing and advertising. Their platforms generally shape what information we share, how we share it, who receives it, and how often. A successful social media marketing campaign must account for these factors and refine your online presence to drive customer interest. Like any marketing technique, social media should increase your company’s visibility to generate sales and other measurable outcomes. Our social media specialists curate your content so that it delivers value to your clients. We assess your target audience and craft thoughtful messages to highlight your brand. By carefully selecting the images, videos, and text for each post, we give your company a vibrant online presence and distinguish you from your competition. Your social media pages will reflect your values and create opportunities to connect with customers, old and new.

Steps to Social Media Marketing

There are four essential steps to a strong social media marketing campaign. Here’s what you need and how we can help:

1. Find the Right Platform

Social media platforms are designed around different forms of communication. Some rely heavily on text, like Twitter and WordPress. Others showcase visual components such as photos and videos, like Pinterest and Instagram. A few successfully accommodate more than one medium, like Facebook. However, not every platform serves every business. The first step in building a strong social media presence is finding the right platform for you.

Our team assesses the product or service your company provides and identifies the best medium to represent it. Whether that’s photos, brief messages, or blog posts, we find the method of communication that reaches your audience and suits your marketing plan.

2. Curate Content

The best way to generate measurable outcomes via social media is to share content that delivers valuable information to your customers. When clients access your social media, they should leave feeling more knowledgeable not just about the products and services you offer, but also about the field you work in, your company values, and your role in the community.

Consequently, the production of quality content requires strong communication between our team and yours. We work with your staff to select updates regarding news and awards, special offers, and upcoming events. Then we tailor the content to meet the character requirements of your chosen platform(s). Finally, when necessary we attach compelling images from your personal archives or from approved stock sources.

3. Scheduling

Information travels fast on social media and timing is essential to your campaign’s success. If you post too early or too late, customers might never see your content on their feeds. Without enough posts, clients have no reason to visit your site. However, if you share too many posts your customers might tune you out.

Our specialists determine the right moment to deliver your content to clients based on several factors. We weigh the platform(s) chosen, the length of the post, the urgency of its content (for example, if it promotes an upcoming event), and the user practices of your target audience. With this information, we collaborate with your staff and produce a schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly posts depending on your needs.

4. Monitoring Results

The final step to a successful social media marketing campaign is data-based. When your clients interact with your content, analytic tools log various types of information about those interactions. Examples of the data these tools provide include how many times users like or share a post, whether new users access your page, and if posts create traffic to linked websites.

We use these analytic tools at regular intervals to evaluate your campaign. We determine if your posts create measurable results and if so, what content resonated most with your target audience. Then we review the data with you! Together, we formulate new objectives for your next social media campaign and strategize new methods to maintain and improve your online presence.

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