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What’s in your
first aid kit?

Integrated marketing helps small
business survive covid-19


Medics Turned Marketers

When the pandemic hit New York in March, small businesses found their daily landscapes turned upside down. COVID-19 challenged many features business owners considered cornerstones of their operations, from client bases to distribution methods. Survival in this economy meant a fundamental revision of business models, adapted on the fly for cost efficiency and market needs. In other words, owners were performing triage on their small businesses. Unfortunately, many lacked the appropriate first aid kit.

Our team recognized this high-pressure, do-or-die environment. Several of our staff members are certified emergency medics. In fact, our CEO, Niki, began her career as a tactical control paramedic in New York City. When Niki saw panic setting in among our clients, she did what she was trained to do: she provided life-sustaining treatment. This time, it came in in the form of strategic, integrated marketing.

Introducing the
Small Business First Aid Kit

We designed the Small Business First Aid Kit with three goals in mind.

The first was to keep New York’s small businesses in operation during economic upheaval. As a small agency, we know the labor and love that goes into building a business from the ground up. We also understand the pressure of providing for employees and their families. Keeping small businesses’ lights on was our first priority.

The second goal was to leverage our understanding of markets to help owners pivot their business models. We brought our knowledge and software to help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses in this particular economy. By assessing their audiences, immediate goals, and current techniques, we helped clients create an action plan. Ultimately, we wanted to take our clients out of triage and into a stable work environment guided by strategy and analytics.

Our third goal was to find our clients room to grow. The pandemic changed the way people do business, which means there is a lot of opportunity to innovate. In the long-term, we want our clients to obtain new market shares, to respond to their community’s adapted needs, and to begin hiring again. In short, we want them to prosper.

Here's how to Check Your Vitals

The first crucial step in pivoting your business to this new market is using technology to your advantage. We’ll help you:

  • Identify Changing Needs. We’ll look for ways your product or service can adapt with technology to fill an emerging need in the changing market.
  • Adjust your Target Audience. We’ll determine if there is an audience that would better respond to your product or service.
  • Determine Necessary Technology. We’ll research and utilize the services that will allow you to implement your new strategy.

What’s in Your First Aid Kit?


Branding. Your e-commerce store and its landing page should reflect your brand. Lead with a value proposition that clearly states what sets your business apart from competitors and why it best suits your customers’ needs.

Streamline your Customer Experience. User experience makes or breaks the sale, so design, information architecture, and visual hierarchy must be optimized for a streamlined experience. We’ll make sure your online store is designed responsively to load on all devices. This is especially important given that 50% of online shopping occurs on phones.

We’ll develop your e-commerce shop to include safe technical and organizational measures and complies with any state and federal privacy legislation. Your site will also be adaptable to changes in privacy legislation. Finally, we’ll analyze your core demographic to determine their preferred payment methods and integrate them into your platform.


Assess what Worked During Lockdown. Our strategists will work with you to determine which video services, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, have best suited your organization’s needs. Together, we’ll create guidelines for how you will utilize video services moving forward (internal meetings, client meetings, webinars, etc.) and plan accordingly. Then, we’ll create an action plan that includes monitoring anticipated new features of popular video services and gathering feedback from your team on internal communication to make it more efficient during transition.

Relationships with IT Professionals. IT professionals can offer remote work solutions, allowing employees to access office computers while maintaining social distancing. For this reason, relationships with IT professionals and firms are a valuable resource for long-term website and network management.


Marketing Strategy. Our marketing specialists will set realistic, attainable goals for the next year, including milestones at 3, 6, and 9 months. They will conduct a SWOT analysis to know your audience, competition, and market. Most importantly, they’ll work with you to set a strict budget. With a solid strategy and precise targeting, we’ll make your marketing dollars go a long way.

Email Marketing. Communication is more important now than ever. Customers need to know if and when your business is open, how they can reach you, and what you’re able to provide. If you compile a database of customer emails, we’ll launch an email marketing campaign with a platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to keep them up-to-date.

Digital Advertising: Paid Social Media. We’ll introduce you to the many advertising opportunities available through your chosen social media platforms. You can use pay-per-click ads in many ways, for example to drive website traffic, page follows, video/post engagement, leads, and more.

Digital Advertising: Google Ads. Google offers various kinds of ads: search, display, video, and shopping. We can create custom tile, banner, search, and YouTube ads using SEO to boost your visibility. We can also help you retarget potential customers to increase leads and sales.

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