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Long before the advent of social media, blogging, and websites, publications ruled the marketing industry. Today, they remain a valuable mode of outreach for many professional entities, including membership clubs, municipal organizations, and non-profits. Publications offer a more in-depth view of your organization’s values, accomplishments, recent news, as well as trends in your industry.

What’s more, they are a successful means to advertise! By placing an ad in a relevant periodical, your business will catch the attention of
customers already interested in your trade.

Niki Jones Agency oversees all aspects of print and digital publications, from design and formatting to distribution. Whether you’re looking for
a monthly newsletter or a quarterly magazine, we create sophisticated materials that are informative and enjoyable.

We offer the following services for periodicals.

Design and Formatting
for Publications

Like other marketing materials, periodicals should reflect your brand personality. When your subscribers receive an issue, they should immediately recognize your logo, color palette, and typography.

(Click here to read more about our graphic design services.) Brand personality is important because it creates a consistent and therefore memorable experience for your readers. As a result, they are more likely to trust the materials, respond to advertisements, and seek additional services from your organization.

Unlike other marketing materials, however, publications contain a lot of copy. From long-form articles and Op Eds, to press releases and calendars, publications must present information in an organized manner while still maintaining their aesthetic composition. Fortunately, our Publication Director has built a career on her superior formatting and editing skills. Her careful arrangement of graphics and text ensures our clients and their readers get the most out of every page. We also ensure all publications follow ADA design guidelines and are accessible to all readers.


Advertising in publications is advantageous for your partners. As mentioned, their ads will appear before an audience already invested in your industry. This means the ads are more likely to yield a higher return on investment. Additionally, periodicals are an ideal medium to offer discounts, promotions, and other limited time opportunities. Because they are seen by a smaller, more refined audience, your partners can propose exclusive deals not available to the public—which also benefits your readers!

Our Agency also oversees the sales process for advertisements placed in your publication. We will communicate with your advertisers to determine the size, copy, and image specifications of each ad. Our designers work either with provided materials or, for an additional fee to your advertiser, they can create a new ad following best practices and printing guidelines. As part of the sales process, we also bill and collect payments from vendors. Once the publication is complete, we update a spreadsheet of past and current vendors to ensure there is clear communication between your team, our team, and advertisers.

& Distribution

We provide a variety of copywriting for publications. (Click here to read more about our approach to copywriting.) Whether you’re in need of story pitches, content development, or editing, our talented team of writers can help.

If you already have content written, we will edit provided materials to prevent misspellings and other typographical errors. We can also format your content to meet any publication style guides used in your industry, including Bluebook, Chicago, or the Associated Press Citation Guidelines. If you require additional content,  our team offers robust research and copywriting services to provide topical, accurate, and interesting stories.

Niki Jones Agency also oversees all aspects of distribution, whether you’re looking to publish online or in print. For online services, we will provide a web-optimized file that can be uploaded to your website, either by your staff or ours. For print publications, we can deliver the art file to a trusted printer, oversee the creation of mailing labels, and coordinate distribution with the post office. We will provide your team with an invoice detailing the cost of printing and postage.

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