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Public Relations

When your company wins an award or hires a talented new team member, people need to know you’re thriving. Positive press generates conversation around your business, driving traffic to your website and potentially generating new leads. Negative press, in contrast, creates discomfort for your clients and may undermine their trust in your services.

This is why you need a plan to maintain public perception of your company through professional statements, organic social media content, media briefings, and other outreach methods. Public relations is the arm of marketing that manages your public image through strategic relationships with the community and the press.

Niki Jones Agency offers a variety of services to handle your public image and mitigate crises if and when they occur. We’ll build a plan tailored to your business that celebrates your achievements, while also providing protection in case of an emergency. Here are some of the public relations services we offer.

Here Are Some of the Public Relations

services we offer.

Public Relations
and Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing ensures consistency in every aspect of your campaign, from organic social media content to paid print advertising. As part of an integrated strategy, public relations reinforces your marketing goals through calculated press efforts.

For example, imagine you’re hosting a fundraiser. Event marketing will promote the fundraiser and boost ticket tales with paid advertisements. (Click here to learn about our event marketing services.) A story or press release in the local paper, however, can better generate awareness of the cause you’re supporting and explain why it matters to you. In this way, public relations dovetails with other marketing tactics: when marketing provides information, public relations provides context. Together, these two services create a coherent narrative about your company that is both informative and intimate.

When you have a newsworthy event, our team will coordinate announcements with the local press. We are well-versed in journalistic writing and have established relationships with columnists and editors throughout the Hudson Valley. We’ll ensure your press communications are professional, detailed, and consistent with the tone and messaging of your marketing campaign.

Social Media

& Community

Social media channels are another powerful community outreach tool. (Click here to learn more about social media marketing services.) Through organic social media content, such as posts, polls, and replies, you can directly engage with your customers.

Moreover, social media is designed for familiar and informal communication. From celebrating an employee’s accomplishment to sharing recently completed project, social media offers your audience an insider’s perspective of your company and team. Transparency of this kind is valuable because it creates trust in your brand and advances your public persona.

Along these lines, social media is an easy and effective means to share information. Given that the average person spends more than 2 hours per day on social media, public relations has has a wider reach when shared on these platforms. As part of your public relations strategy, we recommend posting links to published press on both your website and your social media. Still, we understand that daily engagement on social media is time-consuming (especially for business owners). That’s why we offer social media management services. We use social media software to schedule posts in advance and coordinate your message across social media platforms. This ensures consistent and timely communication, even during the holidays or when you’re on vacation.


Last but certainly not least, Niki Jones Agency provides crisis communications. Crisis communications are a vital facet of public relations because they empower you to offset negative press. By informing stakeholders, clients, and the media in a clear and timely manner, you can better control the narrative during an emergency.

We’ll provide your team with a robust crisis communications plan. This plan will establish who needs to be informed when a crisis occurs, when to contact them and through which channels. Recommended channels may include your website, social media, text messages, media briefings, and/or press releases, among others.

We may also handle press briefings, speeches, and written communications with media outlets concerning the crisis. Our copywriters are adept at delivering professional messaging about sensitive topics. (Click here to learn more about our copywriting services.) Accordingly, they will maintain the utmost level of respect and care when communicating on behalf of your company.

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