Pike County Bar Association’s “All Star” Potpourri CLE Event a Huge Success

Milford, PA – The Pike County Bar Association held a very special Continuing Learning Event (CLE) at Balch’s Seafood Restaurant in Milford on Friday, November 13. Presentations were given by a panel consisting of no less than nine prominent figures in Pennsylvania and New Jersey law, who provided insight on a number of diverse areas of the law and topical legal subjects. Billing itself appropriately in the auspices of its taking place on Friday the thirteenth, the event managed to touch on the subject of superstition in its relation to the law.

Attorney Mark Moulton, from local Lords Valley firm Moulton & Moulton, P.C. began the day’s agenda with a revealing presentation focused on the legal repercussions of a downward economy. This was followed by an insightful update on Lexus online research given by Tovah Kopan, Esq. Attorney Kopan currently serves as a solutions consultant for LexisNexis where she has the opportunity to work with law firms, government agencies and legal groups helping attorneys achieve excellence in the business and practice of law.

Professional Liability was the topic next broached by Attorney William McDevitt, a specialist who defends attorneys in Pennsylvania’s state and federal courts. Currently a practicing member of the firm, Wilson Elser, his statements concerned circumstance where-in attorneys benefit from additional insight into statutory issues, professional negligence, breach of contract and more.

Stephanie S. Libhart next took the podium to speak of IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) and Legal Aid issues. A member of the IOLTA Board and serving on the Board of the National Association of IOLTA Programs (NAIP), she has worked for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Office of Judicial Automation, Aristotle International, Inc. in Washington, D.C. and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Returning from a brief lunch break, catered by Balch’s exquisite kitchen, those in attendance were treated to another captivating speaker, Attorney Melissa Brisman. A pioneer and leader in reproductive law, Brisman outlined the fascinating area of law which she has helped facilitate and continues to propagate through her practice in Montvale, NJ. Spanning gestational carrier contracts to ovum donor agreements and adoption guidance, a whole spectrum of legal services pertaining to reproductive law was explained and defined.

“Expert Witnesses” were the subject of the following speaker, Jason Ohliger, Esq., a prominent attorney recently selected by Philadelphia magazine as a “Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Rising Star.” His illuminating presentation offered insight into the pivotal role expert witnesses can have in the outcome of a given case.

Attorneys Kelly Gaughan and Matthew Galasso next presented their contribution to the day’s program entitled, “Aspects of Trial Law” which focused on the many twists and turns encountered as a case goes to trial. Both attorneys supplied anecdotal accounts from their personal experience as seasoned trial lawyers.

The final presentation of the CLE potpourri was given by Pike County Bar Association President Elizabeth A. Erickson Kameen, Esq. Thematically linking the date of the event (Friday the thirteenth), Attorney Kameen shed light on superstitions and how they have pertained to legal traditions. Her revelations were educational and often humorous, leaving those in attendance both wiser and a little cautious.

Of the CLE programs offered by the PCBA, President Kameen said, “We’re delighted to offer legal education programs through CLE events, created to assure that lawyers admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania continue their education. We are committed to having lawyers maintain their requisite knowledge and the skills necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities.”

The Pike County Bar Association is the official bar association for lawyers of Pike County, PA. To learn more, visit www.pikebar.com.

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