Niki Jones Receives Award of Excellence at Small Business Alliance of Government Contractors Event

PORT JERVIS, NY, November 28, 2022 – Niki Jones Agency, Inc. announced today that founder and CEO Niki Jones was honored with an award of Excellence in Contracting by the Small Business Alliance of Government Contractors (SBAGC) at this year’s National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit held in Washington, D. C.

This award recognizes women-owned small business contractors that have shown exemplary growth and whose work demonstrates extraordinary quality. Recipients are leaders within the federal contracting community and advance the objectives of small business government suppliers while providing mentorship to other SBAGC members.

This award is a testament to the Agency’s dedicated effort to build enduring strategic partnerships with M/WBE and veteran-owned firms. By collaborating with other small businesses, the Agency has successfully expanded its contracting capacity to bid on larger projects, while also ensuring more capital and experience is awarded to historically underutilized firms. To date, the Agency and its partners have earned over $800,000 in contracts with this approach.

Jones is no stranger to performing exceptional work while showing others how. Having been a New York City tactical patrol paramedic for twenty years, she applies the invaluable skills she developed in emergency medicine to direct her agency. She is versed in strategic decision making, managing high-pressure situations, and maintaining multiple priorities.

“I am honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award, as it signifies not only growth for my agency and its employees but strides for women in business, as well,” said Jones. “While inserting IVs in the back of an ambulance, I would not have imagined federal contracting accolades in my future. I’m proud to help blaze a trail for other women entrepreneurs to do the same,” she continued.

Today, Niki’s 30 years of marketing and creative industry experience span entrepreneurship, art direction, graphic design, sales, project management, and mentorship. She balances her intuitively global approach to challenges with a discerning eye for creative details to strategize and supervise projects throughout their life cycles. She has worked with clients ranging from federal and state agencies to municipalities, nonprofits, and even private B2C retailers.

The Small Business Alliance of Government Contractors operates as a primary advocate for the advancement of small business government contractors. The SBAGC seeks out opportunities to celebrate the contributions of women-owned businesses and works to eliminate barriers within the federal contracting industry.

At its October summit, the Small Business Alliance of Government Contractors proudly honored the achievements of women-owned small business federal contractors who are building a foundation for future success for all in the federal contracting industry.

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