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Port Jervis Police Department

COMPANY: Port Jervis Police Department INDUSTRY: Municipal


Rebranding to establish a more modern, professional look, spreading the new branding across all marketing materials.

Redesigning the website with attention to user-friendliness, dynamic functionality, and security.

Revamping all social media efforts to strengthen Department to Community relations.


Sophisticated and modern redesign of the department logo, highlighting the location of the city – at the junction of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Created new eye-catching graphics for use on social media platforms, including banners and background images.

Planned a well thought out social media campaign to help strengthen the bond between the Department and the community they serve. Campaigns were developed to show the Department’s robust efforts to build strong, trusting relationships with its community. This included actively posting positive messages and news, to show the positive image of the Department.

Organized the highly successful “SLOW DOWN – WE LOVE OUR KIDS” campaign, which urged drivers to slow down. This was established to reduce the occurrences of unsafe behaviors while driving. This was successful to the extent that the neighboring police department in the Town of Deerpark, as well as several other police departments, sought to run a similar campaign in their respective community.

Developed a highly functional, modern, and user-friendly website. This enabled citizens to easily access desired content, whether utilizing a desktop computer or mobile device. Numerous security measures were employed on the website to prevent unauthorized access to the administrative control panel, reduce potential spam, and encrypt data submitted via forms.

Implemented data-collection capabilities on the website to better understand the behavior and demographics of the Department’s audience. In turn, using this data to tailor specific messages for both social media campaigns and local events.


The Port Jervis Police Department required a rebranding which included a new logo for use on media and stationary. In addition to the new logo, the Niki Jones Agency was also tasked to create a new website to best reflect the Department’s rebranding efforts, manage all social media campaigns, and data management.


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