Importance of Social Media Marketing

Niki Jones works with social media

With social media growing exponentially it’s no wonder that social media marketing is becoming a business’ most important marketing tool. Facebook currently has 2.2 billion monthly users, nearly one-fourth of the world logs on. Twitter has 330 million monthly users, which is almost as big as the entire United States of America. With so many … [Read more…]

Domain Names and Web Hosting

If you are looking to start up your own business then you may want to look into getting a website. However, when many people first set out they may decide to make their own sites because they think that is all it takes to get customers. Sadly getting people to visit your site is not … [Read more…]

Smart Machines: What is Deep Learning?

programming, deep learning code

2018 is going to be a year of major changes in every profession, and it’s just a matter of time before you begin to hear about “deep learning.” It’s likely that you haven’t heard of it yet, but it’s impossible that you’ve gone without being affected by it. Deep learning is a technique a programmer … [Read more…]

Niki Jones Agency, Inc. Receives 2017 Silver Davey Award for Black Bear Film Festival Guide Book

Port Jervis, NY – Local design, marketing, and public relations firm, Niki Jones Agency Inc., has been awarded the prestigious Davey Award this year in recognition of outstanding creative work. With over 4,000 entries from across the country the Niki Jones Agency has been honored with the 2017 Silver Award for the design of their … [Read more…]

What Makes A Good Brand?

Apple branding on laptop

What is it that makes a good brand? Is it the packaging, design, logo, font or color? Is it all of the above? Creating a brand for your company is extremely important. A successful branding campaign creates a feeling within a customer about a product. It may persuade the consumer to buy a certain product … [Read more…]

Masters Termite & Pest Control Supports Tri-State Hose Company’s Annual Memorial Golf Outing

Port Jervis, NY – Local pest control service, Masters Termite and Pest Control, sponsored the 11th Annual Tri-State Hose Co. No. 6 Scholarship and Memorial Golf Outing held on June 16th, 2017 at The Lynx Golf Course, in Port Jervis NY. This event was held to honor the life of Port Jervis Volunteer firefighter, Staff … [Read more…]

Black Bear Film Festival Receives Grant from The Greater Pike Community Foundation

Milford, PA- The Black Bear Film Festival gratefully acknowledges the support of The Greater Pike Community Foundation for a $4,000 Richard L. Snyder Grant. The Foundation bestowed the grant to honor Black Bear Film Festival’s service to the community in expanding its cultural and economic impact throughout Milford and Pike County. Black Bear Film Festival’s … [Read more…]