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Trust is built on
data security

We protect you and your customers
from cyber threats


Internet Security

As we conduct more of our daily lives online, internet security is an increasingly pressing concern.

E-commerce, virtual webinar registrations, video calls and more – all require secure connections to protect the exchange of personal and private data. Moreover, cyber security is essential to establishing trust with clients. According to recent research, 87% of clients will stop conducting business with a company if they feel their data is not secure.

Still, consumers are not the only victims of cyber attacks. Without proper internet security measures, companies are also vulnerable to threats. For example, businesses lost $1.9 billion dollars to scams through compromised email accounts in 2019 alone. The good news is that there are several security measures you can take to protect your money and data, as well as that of your clients. Whether you want to build a new website or update an existing site, Niki Jones Agency uses best practices to secure your website.

Here are our methods

we use to defend your website from cyber crime.


Our first—and most effective—line of defense against cyber threats is an SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate is digital certificate that indicates an encrypted connection between a web host server and a domain.

This means any information traveling from the domain to the server is protected and inaccessible to outside parties, like hackers. Secure websites display a small padlock to the left of the domain name, indicating to visitors that the website is authentic, verified and protected.

Depending on your website’s function, you may be responsible for protecting various kinds of information. Login credentials, personal identifying information (PII), legal documents and medical records are just a few examples of consumer information that requires protection. PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations also mandate SSL Certificates for all e-commerce sites. This ensures the protection of payment information, such as credit card numbers. We include SSL Certifications for all clients who use our hosting services. For any client using third-party hosting, we strongly recommend purchasing an SSL Certificate.

Malware &
Malware Removal

Further, Niki Jones Agency offers clients protection from malware, as well as malware removal services. Malware, or malicious software, refers to any piece of software designed to damage devices, steal information, or otherwise jeopardize data and privacy.

When you think of malware, you might imagine distorted screen displays, uncontrollable browser windows, or even little caterpillars chomping holes in your computer display (thanks, 1990s sitcoms!). But the reality of malware is less visible and more alarming. Malware includes spyware, which can record the personal data you enter in your computer and your browsing habits. It also includes ransomware, which can lock down your device and all files until you pay a ransom.

If you experience a malware attack, you’re not alone. In 2019, there were 9.9 billion malware attacks worldwide. Our I.T. Department will work with you to dismantle any malware and restore your device, website, or internet applications to normal functionality. We also offer malware protection through WAFs, or Web Application Firewalls. WAFs protect information as it travels from a web application (e.g. your website) to a server by filtering, monitoring, and blocking malicious HTTP traffic to the server. In this way, WAFs protect against any suspicious IP addresses seeking a weak spot in your internet security.

Regular Website

We also protect clients’ websites and internet services by performing regular website maintenance. Like cars, websites are made up of many small parts.

If your website runs on a Content Management System, those parts are plugins or modules. (Click here to read more about content management systems). Just like your car needs an oil change to perform at its best, your website needs plugin and module updates to maintain functionality and security. Without proper maintenance plugins can break or go out-of-date, opening your site up to cyber threats.

For this reason, Niki Jones Agency provides annual contracts for site maintenance and support services. These contracts include 2 hours a month for security updates and maintenance. We ensure all software is kept up-to-date for security and performance standards. We also prioritize and dispatch critical security patches for the core software and outdated plugins or modules.

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