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Our graphics speak to your company’s soul.


Graphic Design

Graphic design lies at the heart of all we do at Niki Jones Agency. From advertisements to web design, our success depends upon our ability to convey your message with clean, beautiful imagery.

Nevertheless, there’s more to graphic design than most people imagine. When we create or communicate your brand, we coordinate across different media, mediums, and a vast array of size options (just consider the difference between a social media ad and a billboard!).

For every project, our designers work closely with clients to understand their business, brand personality, and project goals. These characteristics are crucial to creating products that yield tangible results, whether that’s web traffic or sales. But knowing the desired deliverables and outcomes is only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, successful graphic design requires a clear vision of a client’s values, their journey and ambition. With your mission in mind, our designers create memorable, personalized graphics that distinguish your company and make you a top competitor in your marketplace.

Here are the core services

our designers provide.

Having a solid brand identity makes reactions go bang pop boom


When it comes to brand identity, there’s no denying the importance of visual assets. Even the best writers in the world can’t compete with a strong logo, color palette, and typography.

That’s because the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. (Yes, you read that right.) Our designers will work with you to craft a logo that situates your business in its industry and expresses your company culture through color and style. For example, they might ask if you identify as “corporate” or “fun,” “minimalistic,” or “retro,” and if you prefer a light or a dark color scheme. By sifting through your answers, past logos, and examples of logos you like, we’ll create a brand identity that speaks to your company’s soul.

As part of brand development, our designers also create a color palette, typography guidelines, and templates for emails, stationary, and business cards.

Website Design

With nearly 2 billion existing websites on the internet, users’ standards for web design and performance is at an all time high. In fact, 94% of people surveyed said they will abandon a website if it is poorly designed.

That’s because web design has become synonymous with company credibility. Now more than ever, it is imperative that companies have a user-friendly and visually engaging website.

For this reason, our design team consults with our developers to understand site architecture and navigation goals before laying out a website. In this way, they ensure the design integrates seamlessly with the desired functionality. The end result is a website that is elegant, appealing, and an effective informational tool. Additionally, Niki Jones Agency takes a mobile first approach to website design. Because nearly 50% of web traffic comes from mobile phones, we make scaling a priority. That means your website will display appropriately, whether viewed from a phone, tablet, or desktop. (Click here to read more about our approach to responsive web design).

Integrated Marketing

Niki Jones Agency is also a leader in the field of integrated marketing. (Click here to learn about our approach to strategic marketing.) That means we coordinate marketing strategies across digital, print, social, and traditional media formats (such as television and radio). Whether you’re looking for a full-page ad in a local newspaper, a social media ad campaign, or weekly e-blasts, our designers are prepared to deliver outstanding marketing materials.

Our designers know the size, text, and color limitations of each media outlet and create your ads accordingly. They’ll flush your brand identity through a wide array of materials, ensuring they look as sharp on phone as they do on a billboard. For integrated campaigns spanning several channels, they use a mixture of high-resolution photos, vectors, and illustrations to convey your message.

In addition to integrated marketing campaigns, our designers expertly craft stand alone materials. Whether you need an event invitation or a one-time advertisement, we’ll meet you where your budget allows.

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