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    ADA Compliance

    Take a look at the importance
    of maintaining ADA compliance

    Web Accessibility ADA WCAG AA Testing,
    Auditing & Compliance Implementation

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    The online web has been established as a “place of public accommodation”, to which fair access must be provided to all who visit. Website Accessibility for those with disabilities is a civil right that the Department of Justice is now aggressively defending, in addition to Accessibility Advocates and a growing number of plaintiff law firms. Following the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) is the de facto guide for providing web accessibility for the visually impaired and other disabled visitors. Whether you're reacting to a legal threat or action, understand the need to make your website accessible to all your visitors, or see the value in getting ahead of these guidelines by making your website conform to the WCAG, we can assist you and your organization.

    Avoid legal liabilities & provide
    maximum accessibility to your website!

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    We will perform an in-depth audit on your current website to determine all ADA Compliance errors and potential issues.

    Our auditing process involves our staff thoroughly analyzing your website for compliance errors and reporting the issues found on each page.

    We will provide you with a detailed ADA Compliance Analysis Report for your review and approval to go ahead with the remediation.

    Our in-depth report will include all known errors and potential issues that would result in the website not passing ADA Compliance.