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Big nights come
down to small details.

We provide thorough event marketing,
management, and support services.


Event Marketing

Hosting a successful event brings a certain kind of satisfaction. After the bustle of speeches, handshakes and snacks, people leave energized and cheery.

More importantly, they take with them a lasting, positive impression of your company or organization. But we know as well as you do that events require careful coordination. Whether you’re organizing a fundraiser, award ceremony, annual gathering or a virtual conference, you need a comprehensive plan and event marketing strategy.

At Niki Jones Agency, we provide a variety of design, marketing, and public relations services to help you host an outstanding event. From weeks of anticipatory promotion and planning, to day-of photography and time management, our team will support you every step of the way. We also offer tech assistance so that virtual events can stream without a hitch (or glitch!).

Here is how we help clients

with event planning & marketing.


To begin, we’ll create a distinct brand identity for your event. This may include designing a custom logo, as well as coordinating a color palette and typography. (Click here to read more about our approach to graphic design.)

Although the event will have its own visual identity, we want to ensure attendees recognize your company’s involvement. We’ll create custom graphics that correspond with your brand and give your event materials a familiar look and feel.

In addition to a visual identity, event branding includes venue decoration and award creation. Ultimately, we want to provide your guests with a beautiful experience that is thematically consistent down to the smallest details. We will help you select centerpieces, design and order branded merchandise for gifts and/or goody bags, and create custom awards featuring the event logo.


We’ll also create and execute a thorough marketing plan to ensure your event gets the attention and attendance it deserves.

We will create a variety of print and/or digital promotional materials using the event brand. These may include:

  • Invitations and RSVPs
  • Forms
  • Signs and Banners (print and digital)
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Social Media Skins
  • Website Graphics
  • Email Blasts
  • Digital and Print Ads
  • Press Releases

We can also design and develop custom landing pages or an e-commerce store to securely handle online ticket sales.

& Support

When the big day arrives, our team will be there to help you resolve any last minute challenges. We’ll manage the minutiae so you can focus on being a gracious host. Before the event, we will work with you to establish a timeline and appropriate order of events. We will be responsible for tracking the time, informing your team of upcoming events (speeches, award distribution, food, etc.), and ensuring all parties are prepared for the event’s next phases.

Along these lines, our writers are adept at crafting professional speeches. By working with them to draft speeches in advance, we can ensure sponsors are thanked, organizers recognized, and all other necessary acknowledgements are appropriately made. We also provide event photography to capture the  highlights, as well as the fleeting moments that make each event unique and memorable. We  provide photo editing and retouching services as well, so you can confidently share the snapshots with your guests.

Event Marketing
Tech Support

In addition to the above-mentioned services, our I.T. Department can help you transition your events into a virtual space. Our event marketing services also include coordinating live streams, conducting stress tests, and creating custom backgrounds for web events.

If you plan to stream your event to a large audience, we can make recommendations for hosting providers. Or, if you have your own streaming platform, we can run stress tests for different audience sizes to ensure your server can handle the amount of visitors. Finally, we also prepare branded background materials for video conferencing applications so your company is well-represented, even in a virtual environment.

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