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Email Marketing

Social media marketing has generated a lot of buzz since its boom in the early 2000s. And while social media is now an essential component of  integrated marketing, we can’t forget about its older counterpart: email.

Email marketing has a phenomenal reach thanks to the 3.9 billion people who check their inbox daily. Further, email marketing returns $44 for every $1 spent on average. Its wide audience potential explains why email still has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing platform.

Fortunately, email marketing today is a far cry from the wordy, link heavy emails of the past. Niki Jones Agency will transform your email outreach into a beacon of your brand with high-resolution photos, striking colors, and copy that compels with a definitive call-to-action.  We’ll also use web analytics to carefully monitor your email campaign and ensure your message is successfully reaching and engaging its audience. Finally, we’ll position email alongside other media and channels to optimize your integrated marketing campaign and generate leads. (Click here to read more about our approach to strategic marketing.)

Here are the core elements in Our
email marketing campaigns

Copy that

The sales funnel for email marketing begins with a subject line and continues through the call-to-action on the corresponding landing page. Accordingly, copy plays a vital role in raising clicks and open rates.

The email subject line is the first interaction viewers will have with your email, so it should be short, snappy, and personal. Clear communication is ideal as you may only have a few seconds to capture viewers’ attention. By keeping the subject line around 65 characters, you ensure viewers get the gist of your message before opening the email body.

Similarly, preheaders can help viewers understand why your email matters to them. A preheader is the brief explanation that follows your subject line in the inbox, providing necessary context and insight into the body content. A preheader might give viewers a glimpse, for example of a discount you’re offering (“20% off women’s sneakers this week”) or an upcoming deadline (“Last Day to register for…”). To ensure they display correctly, this text should be between 40-70 characters. Given the strict character limitations, email marketing requires a strategic approach to copywriting. (Click here to read more about copywriting.)

Strategic Design
for Email Marketing

When the average worker receives over 100 emails a day, it’s important that your email is distinct. A successful marketing email uses graphic design to inspire curiosity and drive open rates. (Click here to read more about our approach to graphic design.)

One way we spark people’s interest in their inbox is by optimizing emails for mobile apps. More than 60% of email users now use a cell phone to check their email, so mobile-friendly content is crucial. Whether your e-blast leads to a blog, a newsletter, or a web page, we’ll create brand consistent designs that scale to fit the viewing device.

Along these lines, mobile viewing creates opportunity to play with colors, layouts, and typefaces. Marketing emails are designed to quickly guide the viewer’s eyes towards a call-to-action. To keep content at a minimum, the layout must be intuitive and consistent. Simple layouts, like the inverted pyramid, make it easy for viewers to click and engage. Our designers expertly navigate the dimensions of mobile platforms, while also being attentive to accessible color contrasts and font sizes.

Data Collection
& Monitoring

Web analytics are important to digital marketing across the board, from websites and landing pages, to pay-per-click and social media ads.

With Google Analytics and other marketing analytics tools, we determine a variety of metrics, including open, click-through, conversion, and subscription rates. By carefully reviewing and assessing this data, we can determine if and how well your emails are performing. Depending on the results, our marketing specialists can make strategic changes to your campaign. (Click here to read more about web analytics.)

Additionally, we recommend A/B testing for email marketing targeting large audiences. A/B testing, or split testing, measures the performance of different versions of an ad or web page to determine which performs better among a designated target audience. These performance reviews allow us to make informed decisions about copy, photos, and graphics before launching your campaign. A/B testing is accordingly a powerful tool in keeping your marketing plan cost effective.

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