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Details make all the difference.

The right domain name tells customers you’re the real deal.


Domain Registration

William Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name?” Well when it comes to websites, domain names are the first step in conveying your professionalism and brand identity.

A domain name establishes credibility and trust in your company, letting customers know who you are and in what industry you work. For this reason, small details, like a .com or a .org, are vital to effective communication from the outset. Domain registration is accordingly an important factor in every marketing strategy.

Niki Jones Agency provides domain registration as part of our web hosting services. (Click here to read more about our approach to web hosting.) We’ll work with you to determine what extension is best suited for your business and how many domain names you should buy. We also provide Domain Name System (DNS) management.

Here Are

Some of the Domain Registration Services We Offer

Custom Domain

In theory, selecting a domain name is easy. You’d simply use your business’s name and add the appropriate extension.

The most common domain extensions are .com (commercial services), .org (non-profits), .gov (government entities), .edu (educational institutions), and .net (I.T. related services). With 359.8 domain names already registered worldwide however, it’s possible the most logical domain for your company is already in use. If that’s the case, you’ll need to carefully consider another option. That’s where we come in.

Our I.T. staff will assist you in reviewing alternative domain names that are professional and memorable. In addition to the standard extensions named above, we may also recommend specialized options tailored to your location (.nyc, .uk, for example) or your area of expertise (such as .law, .dev, or .health). We also provide guidance on the number of domain names you can or should buy. Additional domain names can be beneficial for several reasons. You may want a domain name specific to one of your verticals, for example. Or, you may purchase domains containing common misspellings that redirect to your website.

Finally, we’ll equip you with custom emails that match your domain name. This will elevate your communications by unifying your brand across digital platforms.

DNS Management

We also provide DNS (Domain Name System) management.

This means that we manage the DNS records of your domain name (e.g. A-records, MX (Mail) records, etc.), as well as your domain name’s nameservers (where your domain name points to, or where the authoritative DNS records reside). For example, if you’re looking to change the hosting provider for your website, we can provide DNS management to facilitate the process of pointing your domain name to the new hosting server.

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