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Don’t let crises
catch you off guard.

Be prepared with a communications
plan and team to guide you.


Crisis Communications

Crises may seem few and far between, but in fact most companies record an average of 3 crises every 5 years. When they do inevitably occur, crises demand immediate attention. Employees, stakeholders, customers, and the public will look to your executive team for a response. Accordingly, you need a detailed plan to enact a coordinated, uniform, and swift response. A proactive approach to crisis management  ensures your company successfully maintains public face during emergencies.

Niki Jones Agency provides crisis management services to assist your team in emergencies. Guided by a long-time emergency responder, our team knows how to plan for and respond in times of duress. Whether you’re facing a cybersecurity breach, disrupted operations, or negative press, we will provide comprehensive protocol to determine your response. We can also serve as your crisis management team by coordinating and distributing your messaging across media.

Here are the Crisis Communications

services our team provides.

Crisis Management Plans

First and foremost, Niki Jones Agency will equip you with an action plan that accounts for best and worst case scenarios. This plan will outline which information to share, with whom, when, and by what means.  At every step, the plan will clearly identify each communications officer’s responsibilities, whether they belong to your staff or ours.

Further, your plan will include an assessment to determine how well the company performed in duress. If necessary, our team will assist you in revising the communications plan to address discovered pain points. This assessment will ensure optimal performance for future challenges and provide a safeguard against outdated crisis communications plans.

Additionally, it will include appropriate holding messages (temporary messages while the crisis is ongoing) and set the tone for recovery communications.

& Implementation

In addition to creating plans, our agency can also serve as your crisis management team. In this role, our staff is responsible for implementing your messaging across traditional, social, and digital media, as well through text messages, emails, and phone calls.

We also monitor the press during and after the crisis to provide your staff with a comprehensive view of your company’s public image. This allows your team to remain informed and focused on next steps towards resolution.

Following the designated protocol outlined in your plan, the Agency will ensure a consistent and timely response shared across your existing platforms. This includes your website, social media, internal and external listservs. We may also write and schedule press releases, draft formal statements, and prepare leadership for media briefings. When necessary, we will coordinate access to translators and sign language interpreters. Additionally, we can provide your company with a custom landing page designed specifically to address the crisis. (Click here to learn more about our web design services.)

Public Image

As soon as the crisis is resolved, you will need to implement a recovery plan. Your recovery plan may include a range of actions depending on the nature of the crisis, such as online reputation management, marketing, or even a re-brand. Niki Jones Agency can assist you at every step along the way.

For example, we can provide ongoing assistance with customer engagement efforts to restore your online reputation, such as email and social media outreach. (Click here to learn more about online reputation management.) Now more than ever, customers expect authentic communication from companies, which means your credibility will rest on your outreach strategy. Along these lines, we can equip you with a post-crisis marketing strategy to reposition you in the market and build rapport with clients. (Click here to learn more about our strategic marketing services.)

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