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Successful marketing requires quality copy

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Reading great copy is effortless. Great copywriting is not.

That’s because quality content uses research, analytic tools, and complementary design to capture readers’ attention. At Niki Jones Agency, our writers specialize in creating distinct voices for brands. They’re also experts at adjusting content to fit different media channels’ requirements. For these reasons, our team can help you successfully communicate in any format. Whether you’re looking for a press release, social media ad, web copy, or long-form article, we will successfully deliver your message to your audience.

Our writers begin every project by consulting clients and conducting interviews. Through these conversations, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the project goals and deliverables. Then, they perform independent research to position the product or service in its market. This research is essential to composing a strategic voice for marketing campaigns, public relations, and web pages. Once strategy has been established, curiosity and experimentation begin. Our writers pair their gift for wordsmithing with tools like A/B Testing and Search Engine Optimization to craft effective, imaginative copy. (Click here to read more about A/B Testing.)

We provide copywriting services

in the following areas:


Copywriting plays a pivotal role in successful integrated marketing. Integrated marketing campaigns span mediums and media to include print, social, digital, and email marketing, as well as public relations. (Click here to learn more about strategic marketing.)

Because these campaigns produce assorted materials, they require careful attention to limitations posed by different channels. For example, each social media channel has strict copy requirements. Deviation from those requirements often results in an ad being removed. Our copywriters skillfully navigate these limitations and transform them into opportunities to produce strategic, impactful content.

While social media ads limit the number of characters, other marketing materials require lengthier copy. Blogs should be at least 300 words, while long-form articles may range from 700 to 1,000 words depending on the industry. Our writers are adept at scaling copy so each facet of your campaign performs at its best, while still maintaining the campaign theme. This way, your campaign materials exhibit a unified brand voice and consistent messaging across channels and mediums.


Compelling web copy is essential to attracting and engaging potential customers. Our copywriters boost your web performance by striking the balance between insufficient copy and content overload.

To do so, they thoroughly research best practices for web content to remain informed with evolving guidelines. We also make recommendations for how often to update website content to ensure your site is regularly crawled and indexed by search engines.

Along these lines, our team uses a variety of tools to predict and measure how well copy performs with visitors. For more than ten years, we’ve used Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) to place our clients in the top search results for their markets. While many factors impact search engine visibility, focus keywords are one of the most influential. Our copywriters carefully select focus keywords to drive the right traffic to your website. This means traffic that is in your target audience and most likely to convert to a lead or a sale. Then, we use web analytics to monitor the copy and ensure it performs as intended.


In addition to marketing and web content, our copywriters are well-versed in public relations.

Public relations includes press releases, Public Service Announcements, speeches, pitches, and other written materials necessary to generate publicity. These materials require more traditional content and formatting requirements than other forms of copywriting. For this reason, our team offers technical editing and formatting services, as well as copywriting, to place articles in professional publications.

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