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Civi Chat

In uncertain times, information is valuable.

CiviChat from Niki Jones Agency addresses community concerns and calms fears, while allowing residents to maintain social distancing.

Undistracted by social media and high volumes of phone calls,
government employees and emergency personnel can focus on vital job functions, and local healthcare providers benefit from a reduction in unnecessary visits to the doctor or hospital. At a time when information changes by the minute, CiviChat is the attentive, ‘round-the-clock civil servant governments need, available from professionals with an intimate understanding of those needs. CiviChat utilizes AI technology, integrating chat bot software into the direct messaging functionality of your city or town’s social media platforms, and answering the questions of concerned citizens by analyzing content, then choosing from an extensive list of scripted replies. Like any good worker, it gets even better at its job with time. It can set minds at ease, recommend self-quarantine, or refer users to community resources and health officials.

Responsiveness is vital.

Niki Jones Agency is an integrated marketing firm founded by a former NYC tactical-patrol paramedic, who has been trusted to handle public relations and crisis management for government offices and healthcare providers, alike. Whether on the streets or online, NJA’s team has seen firsthand that, when lives and reputations are on the line, minutes – even seconds – matter.

It’s time to temper reactionary behavior with a timely, logical approach to public outreach. Call (845) 856-1266 or visit to learn more.

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