Steps to Making People Feel Comfortable Around You

Being able to connect and interact with others is one of the most vital and resourceful tools while pursuing a career in public relations. Some people have the natural ability to walk into a room and make everyone around them feel at ease and instantly comfortable. For others, they tend to shut down, become introverted and self-conscious when it comes to meeting new people. There’s no exact remedy to cure one’s shyness, but there are ways to turn your quirky traits into becoming the type of person that everyone can’t help but gravitate to.

1.Be Thoughtful

One of the first things to remember: it’s about them, not you. Make the effort to ditch the smartphone and make the other person feel as if they have your undivided attention. Showing someone that you are listening to him or her and putting effort towards the conversation will make them want to engage more. Also, throw a compliment their way. That color looks absolutely amazing on you! Where did you get that shirt it’s super cute! A small compliment can make anyone’s day go from being down in the dumps to extraordinary.

2.Have Open Body Language

Most people wouldn’t believe the effect that body language has while holding a conversation with another person. Body language is a type of nonverbal communication that relies on our posture, facial expressions and gestures to convey a message. Body language can sometimes send signals stronger than words can. Did you know, keeping your arms crossed and losing eye contact are considered to be closed off and icy body language that can make a person very uncomfortable? At your next get together, practice making good eye contact, make sure you’re turned towards whoever is talking, make sure to nod while talking and keep a happy smile.

3.Show Your Confidence

This might be a hard one for most people, even if you’re feeling secretly nervous, but projecting a confident personality will draw people to you. When you meet someone for the first time, make sure to give them direct eye contact, a genuine smile, a firm handshake and a formal introduction. You want the person you are interacting with to feel as if you’re the type of person who has direction and self-confidence in any setting.

4.Be Nice to Everyone Around You

Being a nice person goes above and beyond everything else. Be a gracious and kind person to everyone you meet. You want people to remember you as being positive and genuine.


These are the basis of making people feel 100 percent comfortable around you. Work these tips into your next social setting and you will be winning people over in no time.


Taylor Hutchings

Public Relations Specialist



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