Is Your Business Getting Noticed on Social Media?

Social media came about as a means of helping family and friends stay closer together, but that is no longer the case since many large businesses are using it as a medium to reach their customers.  Having a strong social media presence is an essential component for a thriving business.  As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook alone had 2.23 billion monthly active users, and that number doesn’t include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any of the other social media platforms available.  With the number of people actively viewing social media, it is clear how important a consistent stream of relevant and interesting posts is.

Benefits of a Social Media presence are:

  1. Enhancing your business and brand: The more mentions you get on these platforms the more popular it will become. It is typical for new customers to buy from a brand that is posted about frequently.
  2. Building brand loyalty:  Networks formed in this way allow better engagement with both new and old customers.  A study done by Convince & Convert showed that 52% of customers following a brand on social media feel closer to it and remain loyal.  They like having their consumer questions answered quickly, like texting a friend.
  3. Increased conversion: Whether you are introducing a new product, rebranding or launching a promotional campaign, there is no better place to get leads than on these platforms. Your message will be rapidly shared and this increases the chances of consumers buying your product. Positive interactions on social media increase sales.
  4. Reducing marketing costs: Utilizing a marketing campaign on these sites is less expensive than other marketing options such as print. A study by HubSpot shows 84% of marketers find this strategy less time-consuming and more affordable.
  5. Boosting search engine ranking: With these networks, it is easy to gain traffic and the fact that Google is now using social media content in its ranking signals makes this a great SEO tool.

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