Sharing words is better than radio silence

We are in crisis mode! All of us. As a country. One scary, invisible catastrophe has struck us down. We feel it together. As individuals. As families. As communities. As businesses. And it hurts, badly. Now, imagine if no one spoke about it. No communication. No phone calls. No emails. No social media. No video chats. No daily briefings. Just radio silence. That would be even scarier, I bet.

Communication! That’s what is keeping us alive during this pandemic. We would be empty and lost without it. Our innate desire for physical closeness has been stripped from our psyche, but not the emotional gift of communication: texts, video chats, handmade signs and banners, memes, emails, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. These communication methods and platforms keep us sharing and engaged with some normalcy we so desperately crave. Words feed our insatiable appetite for human interaction and connection. They answer our concerns. They lessen our fears. They remind us of what (and who) matters. Words are keeping us closer together – now more than ever before, even though we are far apart.

In business, it is always better to do something than nothing. And that’s the case with communication. To stop communicating now with clients and customers means you lose control. Your story is not yours to write anymore. The words are no longer yours to convey. During these unfamiliar times, businesses must stay connected. However, communications shouldn’t be about asking for the sale or promoting a service. This is a time to be real. This is the time to share and empathize. It is a time to engage and connect. A time to invite dialogue and offer compassion. A time to have hope and show resilience.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open now and in the future. Your clients and prospects will appreciate you listening to them and including their ideas and concerns in your business communications. They will search out your content because they see you as a trusted voice. And when your business reopens, they will join you, because when the chips were down, you joined with them. Simple communication when done naturally translates into customer loyalty. Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay connected.

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