What Makes A Good Brand?

Apple branding on laptop

What is it that makes a good brand? Is it the packaging, design, logo, font or color? Is it all of the above? Creating a brand for your company is extremely important. A successful branding campaign creates a feeling within a customer about a product. It may persuade the consumer to buy a certain product over and over again. If they love your product, you made an incredible brand for yourself which caught their attention over the rest.

Branding has been around for centuries and has been used for many purposes. Today’s companies are branding in order to get you to buy their products over their competitors. Wouldn’t you also want a strong brand that makes people want to buy your products over your competition? Here are some tips to keep in mind while building a good brand:

Determine Who You are Selling Your Product or Service to.

Determining who you are going to sell to will make it easier when you are trying to nail down the details of what you want your brand to look like. If you are selling to adults, you probably wouldn’t want to have a cartoon character and bubbly font. To reach your target audience, you want to make it relatable to their life.

Create an Unforgettable Logo.

The logo is going to be the most memorable part of a good brand, this is something that should be well invested in. Putting your time and money into your logo is well worth that investment since it’s going to reinforce the identity of your brand. Sit down with a professional designer or PR agency, tell them your ideas and watch the magic unfold before your eyes as they make your vision into reality.

Be Consistent.

This is one of the most important parts to keeping a good brand. Changing your look can confuse your consumers and make it increasingly difficult to maintain a long-term brand. As a company, you want to have your consumers be able to recognize your products immediately. For example, Apple has kept their logo (the bitten apple) the same since 1976. The only element that has changed over the years is the color. It went from a rainbow-colored apple, as a nod to the first set of computers that were in color, to the more modern metallic embossed look in order to go with the modernizing times.

Be Genuine.

No one likes to be lied to, especially when it comes to the quality of a product or service. If you come off as a positive, trustworthy and authentic brand, consumers expect to receive just that. Especially now in the time of social media, word travels fast. Good or bad, it’s on the Internet for the world to see. Keep it honest and your brand will expand exponentially.

As in the words of Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” Make your mark in this world that no one is going to forget and will be talking about for years to come.


By Harley Hallman, Graphic Designer at The Niki Jones Agency

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