Importance of Social Media Marketing

With social media growing exponentially it’s no wonder that social media marketing is becoming a business’ most important marketing tool. Facebook currently has 2.2 billion monthly users, nearly one-fourth of the world logs on. Twitter has 330 million monthly users, which is almost as big as the entire United States of America. With so many people utilizing social media you can’t afford to not be on there.


You might know of community bulletins, they’re a bit dated now but they used to be a good way to let the average person know your business exists. You’d print (or draw) out a flyer, go to the bulletin with a thumbtack, and place your flyer on the bulletin. On the flyer, you’d put down common information such as location, phone number, the service you’re providing, and your rates or prices.

Facebook is the community bulletin of the world. If you are not hanging your business up on there you’re losing some serious traction. Not only does it let Facebook users find your business but also it acts as a way for you to communicate with your consumer base.

Communicating with your customers

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram act as great ways for you to communicate with your consumer base. These platforms also allow them to communicate back to you. Let’s say you were having a sale this weekend only, instead of sending out flyers through the mail you could just upload the flyer to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let your consumer base know. This is important not only for getting the word out about what your business is doing but it also saves money on printing out physical flyers and advertisements.

Giving your brand an image

Curating content on your social media serves two purposes. Not only does it let you communicate with your consumers but also it lets you curate content on one page. This helps create an image for your brand. After you understand what your target audience is you need to start curating content for that audience. A very keen way to do this is by creating eye-catching visuals for your audience to digest and share.

Increase traffic to your website

Everyone wants more visitors to their website, it’s one of the most effective ways to sell your service, but what some people don’t know is the effectiveness of using social media to do just that. By creating content on social media and posting it you can draw people in with a “Call-to-action” to your website. For example, let’s say you sell discounted books. If you relied on search engines alone you wouldn’t draw in too much traffic, but using social media you can grab much more attention. An image with a backlink to your website could grab attention online and bring more viewers to your website. Much like advertising, in general, the possibilities are endless.

Your competitors are already on social media

You have no time to lose; there are already 65 million local businesses on Facebook alone with numbers increasing every day. The sooner you start a social media campaign the sooner you start drawing in an audience over your competitors. Here at the Niki Jones Agency, we are experts at integrated marketing, including social media marketing. If you’re thinking about starting a campaign call us at 845.856.1266 or, email us at

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