How ADA Compliance Affects Website Owners

ADA Compliance ImageThose of you that already know about ADA compliance might know that it has made its way into the digital world and is making waves, to say the least. For those of you who are saying, “What even is ADA compliance?” don’t worry; that’s what we’re going to explain. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which has been an act since 1990. The act was put into place to protect anyone with a disability against discrimination, just like the Civil Rights Act in a slightly different context.

How ADA Affects Website Owners

If you think about it, you see ADA compliance everywhere you go: anything from a wheelchair ramp to an elevator in a multi-floor building. Now that you can picture all of the things that could aid someone with a disability in the real world, how does this pertain to the digital world?

When it comes to the digital world, the saying “there’s more than meets your eye” is a very true statement. If you don’t have a disability you might browse the web without a thought about what you are seeing or how you are getting from page to page. Something that might seem so easy to you could be the opposite for someone else. How would you know what’s on a website if you are blind, or what a video is saying if you are deaf? These are just two of the thousands of impairments someone might have that could affect their use of the Internet.

If you are a website owner and not ADA compliant, you are technically discriminating against the disabled community, even though that is not your intention at all. If you think about it though, you’re not being fair to someone who might be disabled as they cannot get the same benefit of your product or service as someone who is not disabled.

How To Fix The Problem You Never Knew You Had

When it comes to making your website ADA compliant you might have no clue where to even begin. Luckily, we have coders and web developers for this! Taking on the task of becoming compliant can be a road you might never be ready for. Weather you have a simple website or one of the most complex ones on the Internet, maintaining your compliance is a never-ending task. You must keep up with it as your site gets updated.

Not fixing this problem could be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Cases for non-ADA compliant websites are growing by the hundreds and you don’t want to be on the wrong end of that case.

If you are unsure if you are compliant or not, we can help you out here at the Niki Jones Agency. Our developers know exactly what to look for and can get your site ADA-friendly in no time. If you want to go over the technical aspects of ADA or if you have any questions, just call us at 845-856-1266 and we will be here to help you every step of the way.


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