Easy Updates with Content Management Systems

When you picture the back-end of a website, what comes to mind? Is it an endless array of zeros and ones? Long paragraphs of HTML or CSS script? For those of us who aren’t familiar with web development languages, the mystery behind the screen is intimidating. We might feel powerless when it comes to updating our own website. Fortunately, the days of tasking a software engineer with content uploads are over. With content management systems, you can cruise through website updates with the confidence of a cool kid on a penny board. (If you haven’t heard of a content management system, or a CMS, click here to read a brief introduction.)

Boost Your Reputation and Your Ranking

You might be wondering why having control over your website updates is important in the first place. For instance, revising or adding content might fall low on your priority list – especially if you paid an agency to write your copy for you. Nevertheless, adding content to your website has several benefits. Most importantly, it helps you establish meaningful connections with clients, both existing and potential. When 90% of customers value brand transparency, the opportunity to post authentic content about your services, employees, and current ventures is vital.

Additionally, adding content to your site means search engines will return to it and index the new content. The more frequently you update, the more frequently your site is indexed. New, high quality content is more likely to increase your ranking on Google, which means more organic (unpaid) traffic. Moreover, most content management systems make it easy to integrate web analytic tools, like Google Analytics, to your website. This means you can see whether your content is accruing attention and attracting new site visitors in real time. (Click here to learn more about web analytics).

Review, Revise, Post & Relax

Knowing that frequent, high quality posts are likely to drive traffic to your website, the next logical question is: how often should you update your content? While there is no fixed answer to this question, we suggest adding content to your website once a week, or at the very least once a month. The most common ways to update content include blogging (click here to read our weekly blog posts), video uploads, and integrating social media links.

Whatever medium you choose, your content updates should reflect your brand personality. For example, if you want visitors to know you value customer feedback, you might revitalize your content with client testimonials. Or, you might feature an employee spotlight to introduce potential clients to your staff. Thanks to the intuitive interfaces and templates of major content management systems, you can focus more on what you’re sharing and worry less about how to add it your website. No degree in software engineering necessary!

If you’re looking to revamp your website using a content management system, give us a call today! Niki, Louis, or Jon would be more than happy to talk with you. We’ll explain how a CMS can revitalize your web presence while maintaining the customized identity of a traditional, static site.

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