Digital marketing is more than buying Google Adwords

Have you recently added digital to your marketing mix but are seeing no ROI? You might want to adjust your approach. Chances are, your ones-size-fits-all marketing firm didn’t advise you correctly. Your first investment is not buying digital ads. Your first investment is developing content. This can be fixed, with a little time, effort, and patience. You got this!

Think of content as the foundation to your success. Before spending a dime on digital, you must spend the time and effort to listen and engage; listen to what your target audience is talking about and then join the conversation. Start lending your voice as an expert, a trusted source, a guest contributor, an influencer. Then sit back and try to be patient (yes, this is the hurry up and wait part) because now it is about providing insight and gaining trust, not asking for a sale. Build this part of your businesses portfolio and see the response it generates. If you are offering content of value, organically you will start to gain traction as a subject matter expert and this traction serves as proof you know what you are talking about. Again, this all takes time. Just know you are not going to change minds overnight. But you will know if your efforts are paying off when you see new business engagement ticking up. Now you are ready to start branching out into digital advertising, like Google AdWords or digital display ads. And when your ads start popping up, your name has already earned a spot in the minds of your customers because you did the honest work to put it there. Good job!

Listen and do your research. This will help you build up a healthy portfolio of valuable content that when done correctly, will generating leads. You are then ready to develop an actual digital marketing plan.

A good marketing firm will encourage first spending time on establishing a reputable presence before spending a dime on digital advertising.

Time, effort, patience.

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