Why does your business need a blog?

Most people don’t understand why blogs are important, but they’re the unsung heroes of websites.  For the most part, your website remains the same for months or years at a time. Your blog feed is the only part that changes on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly period. Let’s take a look at some benefits of a blog below:

Driving traffic to your website

As mentioned previously, your blog is the only part of your website that’s changing constantly.  Constantly adding new webpages adds new keywords to your website for search engines. This concept is a killer part of marketing: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  To sum it up SEO is when you optimize keywords on your website to appeal to search engines, such as Google or Bing. This makes it so when a person searches a keyword relevant to one of your webpages, your page will show up. This is a passive way to help direct traffic to your website. It allows you to drive traffic to your site without paying for advertising!

Blogs help establish authority

The best kind of blog is a helpful one. One must ask themselves “what questions would my customers have?” and base their blog posts around that. If you help your customers with the problems they have, you’ll be an established authority in their eyes. This can be anything from tips from the field of your industry to an in-general how-to guide. Establishing this connection is great because before a person becomes your customer, they already have you in mind!

Blogs help in the long-term

When one invests in a business they’re not expecting immediate results, rather, they’re expecting a big pay off in the future. Blog posting works on a similar manner, it’s an investment. This is known as a compounding post, one that collects traffic more and more over time. Studies show that 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding. Because of this, you should aim to post consistently, to raise the amount of compounding blogs you have.

The hardest part of blog writing is: finding the blog topic and, naturally, writing the blog itself. But once you have found the blog topic than writing out the blog should come naturally. If you’re not much of a writer or don’t know how to utilize SEO that’s okay. Here at the Niki Jones Agency, we have very talented writers who can write blog posts for you and make sure they have great SEO! Contact us at 845.856.1266 or email us at info@nikijones.com.

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