Capitalize on Digital Advertising with A/B Testing

Person wearing a sneaker and a shoe similar to a/b testing

Sneakers or sandals? Coffee or tea? Blue or yellow? Consumers make these choices every day based on instinct and personal preferences. As digital advertisers, however, we use data to determine every aspect of our campaigns. From text color to typography, A/B testing helps us connect with audiences down to the smallest detail.

Split Testing, Uniform Results

So what is A/B testing and why does it matter? A/B testing, or split testing, measures the performance of different versions of an ad or web page to determine which performs better among a designated target audience. Broadly, this kind of performance evaluation increases the probability of reaching target goals, such as leads or sales, by assessing user experience.

As you can imagine, having this knowledge in-hand before launching a digital advertising campaign yields impressive results. For example, testing different word combinations can double your click-through-rate on digital ads. But A/B testing doesn’t stop there. When applied to landing pages as well, split testing can help your company understand how to communicate with your customers throughout your sales funnel.

Time to Kick Off Your Shoes

When it comes to A/B testing, Niki Jones Agency has you covered. We perform split testing for digital advertisements, email campaigns, and landing pages. As part of our strategic marketing process, we use web analytic tools to determine if and where you’re losing potential customers. With this data in mind, we produce art work and content designed to soothe your existing pain points. Then, we maximize your investment by testing variations on content (“Click here” vs. “Learn more”), graphics (a green vs. a red button), and/or images. In this way, we learn directly from your audience which ad or web page grabs their attention and is most likely to earn the results you’re seeking.

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