Organization of Women in International Trade Announces 2021 Executive Committee Members

[Washington D.C., March 1, 2021] — The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), the leading global organization supporting women in business, professional development & education, networking, and entrepreneurship, is pleased to announce the members of its 2021 Executive Committee who assumed their roles as of January 1. This group of elected women and men … [Click here to read the complete post…]

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties Receives International Award for Nursing Facility Initiative

NEWBURGH, NY – Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, the area’s provider of end-of-life care for more than thirty years, has been honored by Summit International Awards for effectively raising awareness of hospice care available at nursing facilities. Summit bestows awards to marketing teams in order to recognize excellence in creativity and marketing. Hospice of … [Click here to read the complete post…]

Outdated Websites? Insecure Plugins? As If!

Neon windbreakers, SONY Discmans, inflatable furniture… some things belong in the 90s. Your website isn’t one of them. An outdated website or hosting service makes your company vulnerable. In addition to a decrease in leads, you could face technical issues, security breaches, and even lawsuits. (Click here to learn more about internet security.) It’s time … [Click here to read the complete post…]

Stellar Web Design is Accessible to All

The future we imagined as kids may not have flying cars, but it does have a wealth of amazing technology. From palm-sized supercomputers to voice-activated devices, tech shapes how we live. That’s particularly true for people who rely on assistive technology, or products, equipment and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons … [Click here to read the complete post…]

Area Family’s Touching Stories Become Focus of Hospice Initiative

Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties has launched an outreach initiative that aims to highlight hospice care’s benefits to family life. The campaign, titled “When Memories Matter,” educates the community on the many ways Hospice allows patients and their families to spend quality time together, making memories that are cherished by relatives even after a … [Click here to read the complete post…]